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What matters to me is the “canonization of truth”. Everything else is secondary for me at the first instance. Father Joseph Kentenich was concerned not with the canonization of his person, but with the “canonization of truth”:

Status of the investigation in the Vatican Archives about Fr. Kentenich – Fr. Eduardo Aguirre, postulator of the cause of canonization of Fr. Joseph Kentenich, is in Rome studying the documents related to the visitations of Schoenstatt and Fr. Kentenich’s exile until 1958

Yes, Father, we go with you! Homily of Bishop Jorge González about Fr. Kentenich: A charismatic educator, his system was not developed in the abstract or from a desk, but rather in daily contact with men and women, with life, in the midst of continuous difficulties and struggles.

Sister M. Petra returned home to our Heavenly Father – Sr. M. Petra Schnuerer, Fr. Kentenich’s secretary in Milwaukee for three years, died on September 18, 2020. She became bearer of his charism.

Perhaps it is not always advisable to remain nobly silent! Sister M. Doria Schlickmann, author of several books about Father Josef Kentenich and a renowned expert on the history of Schoenstatt, to shed some light on the matter regarding Father Kentenich with some answers.